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Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

If you can’t tell, I’ve linked this blog to my Goodreads account. Scroll down a bit – it should be buried in the footer somewhere. (That’s one drawback to this sort of design!)

Why Goodreads, rather than something more direct like Facebook or Twitter? I have personal accounts on both sites, after all – but to be quite honest, I’m not very comfortable sharing something that intensely personal with something that’s intended to be professional. While there’s nothing on there that I wouldn’t want my mother to see, in a sense, there’s definitely a distinction between personal and professional. So Goodreads was chosen for two purposes: it was something I could easily use for both personal and professional things, and as a future librarian, something to do with books always seems like a winner.

Now, I’ll admit that, should I want something more interactive than Goodreads, and something that offers more conversational opportunities, I would be better off creating secondary Facebook and Twitter accounts. After all, in this day and age, I’m sure people have multiple accounts on the same site for vastly different purposes. But the traffic stats for my page aren’t overwhelming, particularly for such a small blog. If the readership base I have grows, then I might consider having Twitter or Facebook, because the core aspect of both is having some sort of an audience to converse with. If I don’t have that audience, and am tweeting into the virtual ether, it feels a little pointless. Goodreads, on the other hand, is something that I could use and enjoy without necessarily needing an audience (though one would be nice!)

But if I can go back to my earlier point for a minute, that about the personal/professional distinction, it ties in to something fellow MLISer Mallory posted recently, about socially aware networking. There, she spoke about how often people feel pressured to be silent for fear of judgement or bullying. I think something similar is at play here, at least with me – I feel a very strong urge to not talk about my own personal hobbies or interests beyond those that seem ‘appropriate’ for a library student (ex: reading) when I’m speaking in a professional capacity. While there’s definitely some distinction to be made, I’m coming to realize that a little bit of that personal quirkiness doesn’t need to be hidden on a professional blog – Mallory’s own example makes that clear. So I feel Goodreads is a step in that direction, as it reveals my own personal reading preferences.

Knowing the speed at which I move, I expect this blog might have a Twitter by, oh, 2015 or thereabouts. It’s a step in the right direction!


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